The Monster of Elendhaven by Jennifer Giesbrecht

Sometimes you have to pick up a book that has a wonderful cover and “The Monster of Elendhaven” had a wonderfully creepy and macabre cover that instantly drew me in. The city of Eldenhaven is being stalked by a thin, creature of a man that has no name, no heart and yearns to murder unsuspecting victims. Oh wait did I mention, he cannot die either! Great way to set up a villain or monster. However, there was more to this story than just this monster without a name.

The monster who comes to be know as Johann by his soon-to-be master Florian, is utilized for his murderous talents as Florian sets out to seek revenge on some of the socialites that have come to take claim over certain aspects of Elendhaven. But what I love about this story is that Johann isn’t the only creature that seems to have been brought to life by magical power but Florian too is somewhat of a mage/sorcerer who in his magical ways has painted a target on his back and now finds himself in the crosshairs of a Mage Hunter.

Despite the horrendous tone that the book has there is also a remnant of romance. There is a bond that Florian and Johann have. They both feel like outcasts. Florian the soul survivor of his family lineage that had been struck by tragedy after tragedy and Johann which was born by some evil promise to walk the earth with no end in sight. Florian even takes the role of Dr. Frankenstein by performing experiments on Johann to test the bounds of his indestructibleness. Their bond and longing to belong pulls them together and is twisted in a bloody love for one another.

It’s hard to tell more of the story without giving too much away but Giesbrecht did a wonderful job in her writing. She paints a picture in her details of Elendhaven that takes the reader to this small little dreary town. Upon finishing, I wanted to read the story again. It was a wonderfully, dark fantasy and the story took so many turns that caught me off guard. Definitely an amazing read and a quick one for anyone that wants to get lost in an anti-hero story.

My Ratings: 4.75 out of 5.0 Almost gave this book a perfect score and decided not to only because I wanted it to be longer! It stopped so abruptly and I wanted more at the end but I guess any good book should leave the reader wanting more. If you like a story about an anti-hero placed in a dark and horrific fantasy world with a slight romantic undertone; please give this book a read!

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