Paper Mario: The Origami King-The Mario Game that Broke My Heart

I have to be completely honest, I have failed to play a Paper Mario game until this year’s release on the Nintendo Switch. To be frank, I was pretty young and unemployed when the Nintendo 64 and GameCube versions came out…..even the Wii game (if I want to be honest, I was newly out of high school and minimum wage was a joke! And yes I just aged myself, LOL!) So now after I have played through the newest installment of the series, I am eager to go back and play what I have missed!

Paper Mario: Origami King, while not very challenging, ended up being a hilarious and emotional rollercoaster I was not expecting. The game starts off with the unveiling of our baddie, and you needing to team up with Olivia, the origami sister of the baddie, evil King Olly, who is set on transforming Peach and the entire kingdom into origami. And they aren’t just regular origami versions of some of Mario’s foes and friends but hollowed out and more evil versions! But Mario has an amazing sidekick in Olivia and with the later addition of Bobby, the Bob-omb, the game is just loaded with quirky moments and scenes where you can’t help but chuckle. I honestly couldn’t help but love Bobby’s character in this game and it’s an understatement to say how much I enjoyed this game.

Paper Mario: The Origami King will feature an open-world with vehicles -

The game plays out kind of like an RPG where you have this larger world and not just “levels” that normal Mario games. I can’t compare the other Paper Mario game layouts but I can say that I did enjoy how the world felt very connected and linear and not as split up as you would have gotten with level games (like Level 1, Stage 1 and so forth). With that said, you are traveling with Olivia throughout the kingdom to unravel these ribbons that have attached themselves to certain parts of the kingdom. Each boss level is a different type of stationary product like a tape dispenser, stapler, scissor, etc.

Paper Mario Origami King - Stapler Boss Fight #14 - YouTube

As stated before the game is not that challenge. It is pretty easy to line up the moves that are laid out in circle tiles that are placed in a circle like mechanism that you can rotate around and line up. Attacking with Mario is also turn based. You also have the help from the Toads that you have freed along the way, by means of assisting you with attack or defensive items, coins, hitting your opponents, and even supplying you with more time for you to execute your moves.

Paper Mario: The Origami King review -- Lovable despite the flaws |  VentureBeat

I REALLY don’t want to get more into the story because honestly it was too much fun to go through and I think people should just experience its campy-ness without it being spoiled. Pick this game up, its a great time wasting adventure that will put you in a good mood and not give you gamer rage!

My ratings: 5.0 out of 5.0 Yes I gave this game a perfect score! Why? Because it was too damn fun. I didn’t have to think that much and nothing was overly complicated, all while experiencing a fun and laid back storyline filled with hilarious scenes and characters that have a lot of heart and charm!

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