Gwendy’s Magic Feather By Richard Chizmar

I was thoroughly surprised to see a follow up to “Gwendy’s Button Box”. It was a different type of story than what I am use to reading and a sequel came as a genuine welcome. Without King but with his blessing, author Richard Chizmar was given free reign in creating the second part of Gwendy’s story. Once again Castle Rock is brought to life in this book. It takes place with an older now more wiser Gwendy, who is now a politician and dealing with an unhinged President. We follow her during her first year as a politician and trying to help solve a case of missing girls in her hometown, all while having to deal with the pressure and anxiety that the button box once again brings.

There are references to other King works in this book and with the subject matter of the novel having to do with missing girls, gives the story a more of an ominous feeling that the first book did not have. We are introduced yet to another piece of “magic” which is a feather that Gwendy has had since childhood. Leaving readers to question, is Gwendy the special person that seems to attract these weird artifacts or is it the town itself? I would say a little of both.

As the story goes on, Gwendy becomes more involved in the investigation of the lost girls, causing the story to become more fast pace. Unfortunately, like the first book, the story is quite short. Reading through its entirety could take you only a sitting or two, especially with the second half of the book. Though, the first story did involve a horrific scene near the end that almost cost Gwendy her life, Gwendy’s Magic Feather, to me, feels a bit more edgier with the inclusion of the Tooth Fairy prowler and the missing girls. It has more of that suspense/thriller feel that the first novel did not have.

My Ratings: 4.0 out of 5.0 Despite it not being a horror book, the element that there is a serial kidnapper/murder on the loose in Castle Rock, shakes the small town to its core. Having someone as innocent and full of good like Gwendy, pulls the reader in with the hopes that she uses her wits and magic to solve this mystery.

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