Elevation by Stephen King

You would think that after reading “Gwendy’s Button Box” I would be a bit more understand that Stephen King has the ability to write stories outside of killer clowns and other horror-like scenarios but nope! I was thoroughly shocked by the subject content of “Elevation.” I have to say, however, that I mainly thought this way because the story takes place in Castle Rock.

If you don’t know about Castle Rock PLEASE give it a watch on Hulu. It connects a lot of Stephen King lore all wrapped up in a very interesting story line, involving main characters pulled straight from different King novels. With that foundation of thought in my mind, I expected the story to be a bit weird, slightly horrific and have great compelling characters. I was somewhat right; Elevation had an amazing cast of characters and the story is completely weird but no horrific scenarios in sight.

As I stated, Elevation was truly a weird ride but a fun one. It centers on a man named Scott Casey who has a mystery illness that causes him to lose weight at an accelerated rate, but to the naked eye he looks healthy and actually quite hefty in size. His concern for his situation begins to grow and he decides to tell the local doctor (a friend of his) in private, requesting that he does not tell anyone about his situation. He doesn’t want to be poked and prodded like a lab rat. As his weight continues to diminish, Scott also has a run in with neighbors who own a local restaurant in town. The couple is gay and the two women are being harassed by locals despite their food being excellent (King’s political side does show a bit in this story). Scott inserts himself in this drama despite his own “weighing” issues.

The story is a very quick and short read, but the ending was something magical. It fit in with the weird happenings of such a small town like Castle Rock. It left me a little misty eyed, if I am completely honest!

My Ratings: 4.0 out of 5.0 It was a short but touching story that kept me reading to the end. The ending was not what I expected but in a way that left you thinking about what happened to the characters after the story ends.

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