Celeste: The Game Where I Died Over 1K Times and Almost Broke My Switch

Yes I must admit, this game gave me massive gamer rage, but it also is one of the best indie games I have ever played. The music is amazingly composed, the characters are quirky and relatable and the game is hard in all the right ways; meaning, yes you will likely die a lot (if you are as straight forward and reckless as I am) but the game keeps you coming back for it’s clever storyline, various deadly obstacles, and catchy soundtrack.

Celeste PC - 1st 30 Minutes of Gameplay - 4k UHD 60FPS - YouTube

A little about the game: Celeste was developed by Matt Makes Games and directed by Maddy Thorson and won Best Independent Game at The Game Awards in 2018 and rightly so! The game is your basic side-scrolling platform game BUT there is nothing basic about the game’s story or the gameplay. I played the game on the Nintendo Switch but it also available to place on PS4, Xbox One, Mac and Linux.

The First 8 Minutes of Celeste Chapter 9 Gameplay - IGN

Madeline is the protagonist that is making her way up Celeste mountain, meeting people along the way, all while avoiding several dangerous and deadly obstacles. She can performing mid-air jumps and dashes that when timed right, can help you avoid those treacherous obstacles that you will face. Your move set does “upgrade” or advance as you make your way through the game. There is also an Assist Mode you made utilize, but I did not use due to me being stubborn! You collect strawberries along the way that will slightly determine the ending of the game once you beat it.

A bit more about the games story: Madeline is told by an old lady to not go through Celeste mountain but Madeline doesn’t pay her no attention. She also is plagued by a dream where she sees the dark side of herself, named Badeline. Badeline tries to stop Madeline’s journey in her dream but Madeline escapes her nightmare and wakes up. However, now awake, Madeline continues to encounter Badeline as she pushes forward in her climb of Celeste Mountain.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 Pros: LOVED the soundtrack, the story was just as well done as the music. The game kept you wanting to play which is always a great thing with side-scrollers. The abilities made some of the obstacles a bit less unnerving but still posed MANY challenges. Cons: I died way more than I wanted too!

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