Paper Mario: The Origami King-The Mario Game that Broke My Heart

I have to be completely honest, I have failed to play a Paper Mario game until this year’s release on the Nintendo Switch. To be frank, I was pretty young and unemployed when the Nintendo 64 and GameCube versions came out…..even the Wii game (if I want to be honest, I was newly out of […]

Celeste: The Game Where I Died Over 1K Times and Almost Broke My Switch

Yes I must admit, this game gave me massive gamer rage, but it also is one of the best indie games I have ever played. The music is amazingly composed, the characters are quirky and relatable and the game is hard in all the right ways; meaning, yes you will likely die a lot (if […]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Game that brought us together

This game couldn’t have come at a better time. The world is going through a global shutdown and many of us are left wondering what the future will hold. We feel disconnected from friends and loved ones and we long to feel like a community again. Animal Crossing: New Horizons was that game that found […]

Cadence of Hyrule Review: A Rhythm Slashing Link Adventure

I wasn’t sure what I wanted my first review to be because, honestly, there are so many great games on the way and a few gems already currently out. So, I decided to go with a game that I am currently playing on the Switch called Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer. The game […]

Stranger Things 3 The Game: A 16-Bit Retelling of Season 3

The Stranger Things 3: The Game is playable on the Nintendo Switch and was released alongside the Netflix series on July 4th. I downloaded the game that evening, got my snacks, and rounded up my mom, husband and my pup Harley. We began our Strangers Things ritual, that we have come to look forward to every year. […]

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Black Order Review

It’s been almost ten years since the last Marvel Ultimate Alliance game was released. I played the first installment of the franchise back on the PS2 and the second on the Wii (yes it has been that long!) The games were amazing, most notably for their multiplayer action, great character designs, perfectly casted voices and story line. […]