About me

Where do I even start…..

Well I currently am I librarian if you haven’t noticed from the page heading or content but like an onion, I have a lot of layers to my personality.

Video games have been a part of my childhood for as long as I can remember. Growing up surround by cousins and neighborhood friends who were all boys, in order to have playmates I had to get into their mindsets. I played video games, all types of sports, got scuffed up on my knees doing tricks on bikes, learned wrestling move and so much more!

It was never a dull moment for my mom, especially since I was her only child. However, those years with made me into the person I am today. I love everything about escaping the world. If its through books, video games, comics or movies. Nothing beats the feeling of just getting away and daydreaming of a world that doesn’t exist.

My other favorite thing growing up was watching wrestling with my father. From WCW to WWE and on to ECW. Wrestling was a big part of my relationship with him. Wrestling and music. That was all we had. We aren’t close in terms of feelings or experience but we shared these two loves. I play multiple instruments and my dad was a drummer. Wrestling was something he grew up with and when he was home he was king of the remote control throne. So wrestling it was and for the longest I was okay with that.

After my parents divorced, I grew to dislike wrestling BUT of course another man in my life got me back into it. My husband, Jack, has made my love wrestling all over again. Together, him and me have been best friends for over 17 years. Attending live wrestling events, beat video games, going to concerts and living life as good as we possibly can.

I know I am rambling but my love for him and the fun we have together is endless. He’s my motivation for this site. To share my love for all things fun, and much of that fun includes him. I even have to break down books I have read to him! So, I hope you enjoy my rambles and the love I have for my interest.

Always be yourself. Be honest. Always choose love.