Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi is back again with his trusty Poltgergust 3000 bringing down ghosts in this follow up to the 3DS title, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. I was definitely excited about this title. I never owned a GameCube as a kid but managed to pick up the first game years later. I fell in love with the games concept and, of course, Luigi finally getting the spotlight. 

Without giving too much away, we find our hero on a trip with Mario, Peach, and different color toads. Oh yeah, and we can’t forget about Luigi’s now bestest spooky friend, Polterpup, the ghost pooch from the other entries of the game. Our group is on their way to a hotel for a getaway that quickly turns south. The hotel is run by ghosts and the top ghost is none other than King Boo. All your companions get taken hostage by King Boo and his accomplice, the hotel manager.

The game isn’t a huge change from the previous installments. Your friends get caught and throw into a painting that you have to locate and set them free. The hotel is huge and on each floor there is a “ghost boss” that is holding an elevator button in their possession. You defeat the ghost in order to obtain a new floor button to explore.

Unfortunately, after awhile the game becomes very repetitive. It’s still a very nicely made and beautiful game that looks stunning on the Switch but the difficulty level of the game does not really increase. It stays at a very flat tone and even the final boss battle doesn’t really seem like the big finale that its predecessors have had.

As you will read below the only reason I gave the game such a high rating is mainly because I do really enjoy the premise of the game and I am a sucker for Luigi. I am glad this series exist and it’s not a horrible game for those who have never played a Luigi Mansion game. However, if you do start with this installment and work your way back, you will definitely see the difference in difficultly. BUT the game is fun and worth picking up for your collection!

My rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 Pros: If you are like me and enjoy the stand-alone Luigi game, then you will enjoy playing through the story. Game also looks great on the Switch. Only reason I am giving it a higher score is because I do really like the series. Cons: Not challenging, very repetitive game play. Least favorite in terms of difficult in the series.

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